Air Purifier INFORMAT PM 0,1

The INFORMAT PM 0,1 is the first air purifier with an inside-cleaning system for maximum hygiene.


Due to it's patented, unique installation, the INFORMAT PM 0,1 achieves a filtration on ULTRA fine-dust- , viruses- and bacteria-level. 


It is particularly suitable for bigger areas so as halls with high concentrated pollution.



INFORMAT PM 0,1 differentiates from common air purifiers by following attributes:

  • Durable cleanable fine-filter -  therefore longer service life of the following HEPA-filters
  • Lower running costs, lower costs of the filter materials
  • Adsorption unit with following "police" filter

This prototype test demonstrates, how INFORMAT PM 0,1 neutralizes a 28qm room from smog in only 9 minutes:

January 2018, Germany

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